For use with both Intacs® & Intacs® SK Corneal Implants
Product DescriptionIntacs® Surgical Instruments consist of a series of ophtalmic instruments that are designed for the placement of Intacs® Corneal Implants.
IndicationsThey are indicated for use in patients undergoing ophthalmic surgery requiring a lamellar dissection of the cornea. They can be used for Intacs® (optical zone 7) and Intacs® SK (optical zone 6).
PresentationSupplied non-sterile.
InstrumentIntacs® ForcepsVacuum Centering
Guide, Sloped
Pocketing HookSymmetric Glide
MaterialTitaniumStainless steelTitaniumTitanium
Characteristics· Notched tip.
· Facilitates easy
removal of the segments from the carrier.
· Port for attachment to a vacuum source.
· Equipped with fins on the bottom.
· Centers and stabilizes the Corneal separators onto the cornea during the dissection of the intrastromal tunnels.
· Alloy probe.
· Initiates the delamination of the stroma.
· Bifurcated glide.
· Guides in both the CW and CCW Corneal Separators.
For use only with Intacs® SK Corneal Implants (Optical Zone 6mm)
InstrumentSK Corneal Separator, CW 0.6 mmSK Corneal separator CCW 0.6 mm SK Inspection GaugeProcedure Marker
MaterialStainless steelUltemStainless steel
Characteristics· Also known as Corneal Dissectors.
· 210º blade attached to the body by a spoke.
· Creates a CW and CCW annular subsurface tunnel.
· Also known as “Separator or Dissector Inspection Gauge”.
· Inspects the concentricity and planarity of the 0.6mm Corneal Separator blades.
· Also known as Incision & Placement Marker”.
· Marks the incision.
· Aligns the Vacuum Centering Guide.
may be
for the surgical
Description and References
- Diamond Knife, 15º angled blade - Ref: ME410-P01.
- Sterilization Tray - Ref: 4710-A.
- Sinskey Hook - Ref: 6-251.
- Bonn Suturing Forceps - Ref: 2-110.
- Ring Marker with Cross Hairs, 11mm Zone - Ref: 9-789W-1.
- Kratz Barraquer Speculum - Ref: 9-556F.
- Vacuum system - Ref: KV2000.
- Vacuum tubings - Ref: 7K5000.
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