For use with both Intacs® & Intacs® SK Corneal Implants
Product DescriptionIntacs® Surgical Instruments consist of a series of ophtalmic instruments that are designed for the placement of Intacs® Corneal Implants.
IndicationsThey are indicated for use in patients undergoing ophthalmic surgery requiring a lamellar dissection of the cornea. They can be used for Intacs® (optical zone 7) and Intacs® SK (optical zone 6).
PresentationSupplied non-sterile.
InstrumentIntacs® ForcepsVacuum Centering
Guide, Sloped
Pocketing HookSymmetric Glide
MaterialTitaniumStainless steelTitaniumTitanium
Characteristics· Notched tip.
· Facilitates easy removal of the segments from the carrier.
· Port for attachment to a vacuum source.
· Equipped with fins on the bottom.
· Centers and stabilizes the Corneal Separators onto the cornea during the dissection of the intrastromal tunnels.
· Alloy probe.
· Initiates the delamination of the stroma.
· Bifurcated glide.
· Guides in both the CW and CCW Corneal Separators.
For use only with Intacs® Corneal implants (optical zone 7mm)
InstrumentCorneal Separator,
CW, 0.9 mm
Corneal Separator
CCW, 0.9 mm
Inspection Gauge,
0.9 mm
Procedure Marker,
0.9 mm
MaterialStainless steelUltemStainless steel
Characteristics· Also known as “Corneal Dissectors”.
· 210º blade attached to the body by a spoke.
· Creates a CW and CCW annular subsurface tunnel.
· Also known as “Separator or Dissector Inspection Gauge”.
· Inspects the concentricity and
planarity of the 0.9mm Corneal Separator blades.
· Also known as “Incision & Placement Marker”.
· Marks the incision.
· Aligns the Vacuum Centering Guide.
may be
for the surgical
Description and References
- Diamond Knife, 15º angled blade - Ref: ME410-P01.
- Sterilization Tray - Ref: 4710-A.
- Sinskey Hook - Ref: 6-251.
- Bonn Suturing Forceps - Ref: 2-110.
- Ring Marker with Cross Hairs, 11mm Zone - Ref: 9-789W-1.
- Kratz Barraquer Speculum - Ref: 9-556F.
- Vacuum system - Ref: KV2000.
- Vacuum tubings - Ref: 7K5000.
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Download technical sheet