July 24, 2014


Intacs For Keratoconus




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Intacs For Keratoconus

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  Intacs For Keratoconus

Patient Stories

"...there was no chance except for a corneal transplant...When I found out this was being offered, It's amazing...I can look at my daughter and see how beautiful she is and count her freckles...So, it's special. It's very important. "

- Linda

"Using Intacs inserts in my right eye has allowed me to resume my active lifestyle as an ophthalmic micro surgeon and has prevented me from having corneal transplant surgery. My vision is now effectively corrected with soft contact lenses. I am so pleased with the results that I plan on having the left eye done in the winter of 2005."

- Leslie A. Eisner, M.D.

"Hi, My name is Tammy, and I have keratoconus. Dr. Jones at Dehaven Eye Clinic in Texas, put Intacs in my eyes, I went from seeing 20/200, I now have 20/25, thanks to having Intacs, I was able to get my drivers license. The use of Intacs for keratoconus, not only gave me better sight, it gave me back my life."

- Tammy

Intacs For Keratoconus

Humanitarian Device: Authorized by U.S. Federal law for use in the treatment of nearsightedness and astigmatism associated with keratoconus. The effectiveness of this device for this use has not been demonstrated.

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